Leave it to Angie Pedersen to get me hooked on another great blog.

She posted this link today

Love the latest Effer Dare:

everybody's got one (at least!)...
that phrase you say all the time...
that phrase that's SO YOU.
What's your catch phrase??
Focus on the vernacular, that makes you "you".

This is my favorite

As a California girl I have to admit I say "Like" like a ton. Here's some other Melissa'isms

* Seriously
*That's superduper

* Wawa instead of water
*Blu Cues instead of Blue's Clues
* Hurry, Gama's house
* Go Park? when she wants to go to the park
* I pu pu
*MAMA MAMA MAMA MAMA MAMA when she wants anything

July Newsletter

Here is my newsletter in a smaller form

The original form can be seen at http://scrapbunny.com/newsletter.html

After much searching and many attempts, I have finally completed my first newsletter. I hope you find this newsletter fun to read and pretty to look at. I really had fun creating this with TLC's new Hot Fudge line and ideas from all over the scrapbooking world.

The wonderful design and layout comes from Heidi Swapp. Please support her by signing up for her newsletter here, http://www.heidiswapp.com/newslettersignup.html

Enjoy and let me know what you think : )

Melissa O.

July 2006

The Scrapbunny Crop Room

A work in progress

Introducing the best thing in digital memories since the digital camera!

Are you ready to make your memories last a LifeTimez?




Happiness of the Day

I love the What's Your Happiness Today on Ali Edwards' blog

Not only is it great to remember our blessings each day but it makes for quick scrapbook journally

So here's my Saturday Happiness List

· Daughter’s laugh – At 28 months old my daughter is a giggly girl.. We knew she would be from birth ( the first breath she took was to laugh, the nurse had to make her cry a few minutes later to clear her lungs) Today she just though playing with the hose as it filled her kiddie pool was the funniest thing

· Running water – Playing with the hose, drinking cool water with fresh ice, not everyone in the world or even in this town has these things. My daughter and I had so much fun practicing our swimming in her new pool.

· Family – Getting ready to visit my father’s side of the family in Oregon this week. As I started packing today I thought about how fun it is going to be to go on this trip with my parents and sister, crowded but fun

· The Kingdom – Visited the site for the new Kingdom Hall here in town. It is going to be so nice to be able to meet as a congregation in town. Our current hall is a 10-15 minute drive to the town of Bay Point. Everyone is working on clearing the land and building the fencing.



Some fun pets my daughter and I played with today. Click on the more box to play

adopt your own virtual pet!

adopt your own virtual pet!
Here is the music I have been scrapping to

Forgot what Katie the Scrapbook Lady's blog taught me about smilies

Let's change : )

Ok now I have to do smaller posts because the newsletter and slide show pushed my side bar to the bottom. One would think I am new at this blogging thing : ) Well I hope someone finds my ramblings interesting : )

Ohhh Just had a thought with that second smile face BRB
I FINALLY finished the first Scrapbunny newsletter! I even figured out how to post it here : )

Now to get it emailed to everyone, not that I have that many people signed up for my newsletter yet.
Finished playing with the templates and post my links added. Check out my sites, recommended sites and of course all the bogs that I read
OK I am going to try to fix this blog up and get things posted.
Here is my first cool toy of the day. I had tried the smaller badges but that type of code is not accepted. Hopefully this doesn't look too big : )

Welcome to my blog! I set this blog up so that I could post comments to the blog for the upcoming movie Scrapped. http://www.scrappedmovie.blogspot.com/

There is an increase of scrapbookers blogging so I thought I would test drive a few free blogs in the hopes of finding one that would help me journal more and stay in touch with the daily events that make up my life. So far I am not doing well with the posting in a timely manner but I am working on it.

Visit my main home on the net at www.scrapbunny.com I am off to go update a tom of stuff there today since my hubby has taken our daughter to visit his mom so I have the house and computer to myself : )

Happy scraping!