FlyLady and DIYPlanner

Spent some time cleaning out my email this weekend and found again. Thought I would share some files that I made back when I tried to use the Hipster PDA program found on
The main files I made had to do with using the FlyLady program. Here are some pics. If you would like the files post a comment here with your email and I can send you the pdf and Open Office doc.

Sunday Scrappin'

Sunday Scrappin’


*Finally got all of the TLC Lifetimez kits loaded on my new laptop

*Been grabbing the freebies and trying to plan my shopping list for the Ette's new store -

* Using freebies from the Ette's got the first 2 pages of my 09 calendar finished

To Do's:

*Take some family photos

*Finish 09 calendar

*Help Mom organize her scrapbook room so we can scrap during my break

Wordless Wednesday

Playing catchup today :)

Here are the boys on Wednesday now 6 months old

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

School Tackles - Last week of school for 2008 so I need to tackle for school stuff this week. I tackled my first year of parent teacher conferences last week. They went really well actually. This week is about getting ready to start fresh in 2009 after the two week break. Will be putting together new folders, fresh name tags and sprusing up my classroom. Will need to take photos to post. There are 2 churches using the school now so I'll go in next week to set everything up.

Home Tackles - Working on rearranging/cleaning the house, mainly the bedrooms. Would post photos but am way to embaressed to have evidence of how horrible the place looks :)

Sunday Scrappin'

So I found a weekly meme for scrapbooking that I think will be better then Sunday silliness, though I'm sure I'll still post silliness now and then :)

Since this is my first week I just have a tada to post, I got my scrapbooking area moved around and have been organizing my supplies. I know for sure now that I have a LOT of stuff and need to sell some TLC inventory. I'm going to try to get at least a little scrapbooking done each week to post.

This coming week the focus will be on the Stories At Hand class that starts tomorrow

Wordless Wednesday 7/23/08

Look what we just got 2 of as a gift!!!

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

My tackle of our room is going well but not finished. I got my scrapbook cubes moved and partly organized. (man do i have too much unused stuff) I went through my closet and am happy to say I was able to fit into a dress from 6 years ago :) Now I have basically been the same size since high school, around a 16 so this isn't too huge but for having twins a month ago I'm happy. In order to organize the bedroom I had to reorganize the storage room so I could put some stuff in there. That is pretty much done until I can move the stuff for my classroom.

SO this week:

  • Finish cleaning/organizing bedroom including scrapbook area
  • Take TLC inventory over to Kristi's for trading and to see what she can sell for me at her crop next weekend
  • Take photos for the babies' announcements and put them together
  • Finish thank you cards to mail with announcements

That should keep me more then busy :)

Friday Feast

When was the last time you had your hair cut/trimmed?
june 7th before my baby shower

Name one thing you miss about being a child.
Not having to worry about money

Pick one: butter, margarine, olive oil.
Butter for baking and olive oil for cooking

Main Course
If you could learn another language, which one would you pick, and why?
Spanish so I could communicate with my mother in law

Finish this sentence: In 5 years I expect to be…
Still married and teaching with 3 kids in elementary school if we are still in this system

Twingles Thursday

So I am now the proud mom of twingles- twins plus one. We are all doing well, just a tad sleep deprived this week but twins are gaining weight and Elisa has been adjusting pretty well. Here are my bunnies:

Elisa Nicole- now 4

Elijah James -in the middle born 4:55 AM

Daniel Jacob - born 5:05 AM the baby by 10 min :)

Wordless Wednesday 7/16/08

Two babies for 2 grandmothers

Tackle It Tuesday rap up

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

So I thought I should post some of the things I have been tackling this summer since I haven't blogged.
Main tackle has been delivering my twin boys June 10th and having then in the NICU for 2 weeks.

The other main tackle has been organizing and cleaning the house. The past weeks I have done the kitchen, bathroom, living room and Elisa's room. This week and next will be our bedroom which is also where the boys sleep.
Hopefully I'll be better about tackling things and posting them :)

Sunday Silliness a little late :)

SO lots has been going on in our lives/house that I hope to get posted this week but I want to try to get with my schedule sooo for Sunday sillies I want to encourage you all to go check out

Act 1 and 2 are up and 3 will be posted Saturday. They will be up for free until Sunday July 20th and then you will have to download them from I Tunes.
Check it out and have some weekend fun :)

New blog scheduale

Well with the twins coming and me no longer trying to do direct sales I think it is time to switch from my site to this blog as my main online home. I'm going to start going through the forum and other areas of the scrapbunny site looking for things I don't want to lose and posting some things here. There will also be a new schedule to get me blogging regularly. Here is what I am thinking:

Sunday Silliness- fun quizzes, games, jokes or silly stories
Tackle It Tuesday- Project of the week that needs to get done
Wordless Wednesday- photo of the week
Twingles Thursday - What is going on with our twin boys and singleton daughter
Friday Feast - Fun questions from

Roundup- collection of questions from Katie the Scrapbook Lady
What's Your Happiness Wednesday- post focused on the little things that bring happiness to me

TLC now Breezy Design

so Top Line Creations is now Breezy Design with the same product, designers and owners it seems. I personally will only be buying for personal use and family and friends, no longer selling. So let me know if there is anything from that you would like and I'll give you 25% off.

Spring TLC Release Preview

This year we are getting a lot of previews before the release. Check out the super cute layouts by the Ette's using the soon to be released SpotLight kits.

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things NOT to do when you move

1. Through things in boxes with out labels. I have no idea where some stuff is

2. Not check the washer/dryer connections. Still can't believe I didn't look at this

3. Try to clean with a 4 year old around. Elisa has been given some very funny chores to do to keep her away from the cleaning chemicals

4. Clean out air conditioner filters in the bathtube. I ended up clogging the tube at the new place when I washed off all the AC filters

5. Tryto move in one weekend. This is oursecond move where we have had almost a month to move and clean and it makes things soooo nice.

6. Try to reschedule any transfering of services. I scheduled the phone and dsl to switch on the 2 but tried to move it up when we were able to move most stuff earlier. We ended up with no phone part of a day and no dsl for 3 days

7. Believe the property manager. We are in a duplex that resently had the PGE meter split. We were told that PGE would be putting in the meter any day and that the water meter was split. Turns out the work on the PGE split has not been finished and the water has never been separate. We have water and electricity but have to split the water cost with the back unit and wait at least a month more before we will have a meter for PGE.

8. Try to move even the smallest thing while pregnant, especially with twins. I have gotten yelled at by everyone for lifting even the tiniest things. It's good to be loved :)

9. Believe the Direct TV sales person. Of course I had to jump through a bunch of hoops to get our Direct TV service setup and charging right. The sales person even forgot to put in the $18 a month discount she had promised.

10. Hook up the tv before you are finished moving. It makes it way to easy to just "take a little break" and waste half a day.

11. Start moving stuff into the new place before you clean. We did a pretty good job of cleaning first thanks to having my cusin coming to help us. Now if everything would have stayed clean :)

12. Move more furnature then you need to. We have a lot move furnature then I thought and now that we have good sized closets,way too many dressers. Wish I could have craig listed them instead of moving them

13. Forget your camera. I took a lot of photos of our old and new place so that I could scrapbook the move and so I could plan where furnature would go.

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Wordless Wednesday

Our old place all cleaned out

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

WE MOVED! My tackle this week is to get the last of our stuff from the garage at our old place and clean enough to get our deposit back. I also need to figure out if we are going to get a gas dryer or have someone hook up a 220 outlet for our electric dryer.

I am so happy to be moved but we have a lot of work to do

Quick Update

So thought I better post a quick update and will post more soon.

Good Stuff:
1. Babies are growing and doing well. I go for my second in depth ultrasound tomorrow and will try to post pics

2. At this time I have a job next year but not the same one. Some news should come in May from the state that hopefully will mean my job will not be cut. Have to wait and see.

3. Mom was able to finally have her total knee replacement a few weeks ago and is doing pretty good. The knee was even worst then the dr thought so recovery is slow. Now she just has to recover so they can do the other knee :)

4. We have moved!!! That is one reason I have not been around online, took AT&T a few more days to switch our DSL. I will get some pics posted soon but am liking it so far.

5. My cousin Sandra was able to come over for 2 weeks and help my mom was she got home from the hospital and help us move since I can't lift anything. She was a HUGE help and it was fun having her around.

Bad Stuff:

1. Can not seem to kick this cold that I have had going on 3 weeks. It is better though and the babies are good.

2. Didn't look closely at the washer and dryer hook ups at the new place and have to either get a gas dryer or wait for our friend to put in 220 for our dryer.

3. Efrain smashed his foot really bad yesterday playing basketball. He says he will be ok but it looks really yucky.

OK so that wasn't really that quick but now you can see why I have been too busy to post. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying spring. TTFN

Update on work

So as those of you in California might know the Governor has proposed huge budget cuts for next fiscal year, especially to education. What you may not know is that the schools have to plan as if the proposed budget has gone through. This means millions in cuts to most school districts, a little over 5 million to the one I teach in, Pittsburg Unified. So last week the Pittsburg school board decided to end class size reduction which means my job will no longer be around next year. Since I have been with the district for 7 years I should have a job teaching something else. I won't know until Thursday of this week.

So I am a very stressed, very preggers woman right now. Hope today's DR appointment will bring good news.

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Links and Items I Have Found for the Twins

1. Fly Lady - great site to help make cleaning and cluttering easier
2. Zwaggle - like free ebay this site lets you sell you stuff for points and then buy other stuff with those points
3. Babies at Sutter Health- site fo the hospital the twins will be born at
4. Talk About Twins - online magazine about twins
5. CCPOM - local twin group
6. Baby Zone's twin section - info on fetal development and growth of twins
7. Car seat measurements - this site have the measuements for most car seats and a good forum with help on which cars will fit 3 car seats
8. - so I use this all the time already but I'm finding a ton of baby stuff listed
9. Target baby registry - started my registry so I can remember what I am looking for second hand and so Mom can help look too :)
10. Babies R Us registry- started this one so I know when the baby fairs are. Got a ton of goodies at the one last weekend :)
11. Baby Trend Snap N Go double stroller - even though this one only fits the babies until they are 20 pounds it means I don't have to take them out of their infant seats and I only have a light frame to fold and fit into the trunk.

12. Baby Trend infant seats - they fit the best into the Snap N Go and are an inch thinner at the base so they will fit better into our car.

13. Graco Turbo booster - the best ranked booster seat that also is thin enough to fit in the middle seat between the twins. Elisa likes this one:

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Wordless Wednesday

So not totally wordless today :) Thanks for all the comments and emails for last week's WW post. I am 14 weeks along and due July 18th. Just went to the dr and heard the heart beats today, so cool. Don't know if they are identical or fraternal or if they are boys or girls. We didn't get an ultrasound but here is a pic to give an idea of how big the babies are already, about the size of a fist.

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

So this weeks tackle was to finish cleaning the kitchen and try to be a good Fly Baby and keep my sink empty.
I ended up switching to finding a new place to live. I was thinking I could put this off but the more I tried to clean up our 1 bedroom place the more I realized most things just have never found a home in this place so they end up in piles.

I think I have found a good place that we can afford and stay put for a while. We even have an option to do a lease to own. It is a 3 bedroom/1 bath that the owner is doing a lot of wok to. Brand new Energy Star windows, new tile floors throughout the house, freshly painted cabinets with new hardware and new appliances in the kitchen, large front and back yards that will be easy to set up play areas for the kids and the house is in the boundaries for the schools we want. Efrain and I are meeting with the owner on Saturday and hopefully my tackle for next week will be getting ready to move :)

New fun site!

Found thi fun site from Fly Lady today: Zwaggle

I wanted to invite you to join this amazing online community for parents, found at On this site we can share kid's gear with other parents from all over the country, or next door, for free.
You just need to click on or paste the link below into your browser to join!
If you need any help or have any questions please send an email to
Get ready to Zwaggle!

Wordless Wednesday

Yes this is mine :) and we and expecting twins no later then July.

Tackle It Tusday

OK time to get blogging again. This is two days late but here you go :)

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I finally got some cleaning done this week, a lot on Tuesday. My goal for the week was to get the kitchen sink cleaned out. I was able to do all the dishes that were in the sink and give the sink a good scrub. I then had a full sink again once I had all the pots and pans soaking :(
So this weeks tackle is to finish cleaning the kitchen and try to be a good Fly Baby and keep my sink empty.
I would share pictures of my mess but they are too embarrassed. Think the messiest house from Clean Sweep and you have a good idea of what my place has been looking like :(

2008 TLC Starter kits

We have 2 new starter kits and a new business add on kit for 2008. It's a great time to join TLC with these new kits so comment or email me at for more info.

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New TLC product sneak peaks

We will be getting new TLC products next month. Just found out today that the new products will include:
  • 4 - Shape Upz Kits
  • 1 - Kleer Keeperz Acrylic Album
  • 1 - U-Name-It Chatter Bookz
  • 4 - New Runway Themes
  • 8 - New Hot Fudge Themes
We don't have photos of everything or prices but here are some sneak peaks. Enjoy and let me know if you want a new catalog when it arrives next month :)