Story Charts

Here are all the Story Charts, Non Fiction and Fiction, for k-5th grade from the wonderful Deb and Joanne, our fabulous teaching coaches for Pittsburg Unified.

Story Charts

You Know You Teach First Grade When...

You Know You Teach First Grade When...

- Your once neatest handwriters are suddenly writing their names illegibly. Because they're attempting to write in cursive with no formal instruction.

- You've been through no less than 762 glue sticks.

- You've considered changing your name for the day just so you don't have to respond to Ms._______ seventy-eight times in an hour.

- You're fairly certain that a select few students will never recognize the written difference between a "b" and a "d" no matter how many times you correct them.

- You get just as excited as the kids do when the Scholastic book order comes in.

- You welcome inventive spelling if only to have something entertaining to read.

- You wish you got a dollar every time you told your class to "be a level zero in the hallway" or to "get on the line" when walking down the hall.

- You have at least one Dr. Jean album on your iPod.

- Calendar activities exhaust you. {Maybe that's just me... I'm hoping that doing it on the SmartBoard next year will alleviate some of my pain!}

- You love your students' goofy smiles due to their jack-o-lantern-like assortment of *missing* teeth.

- On that same note, you are driven *12 kinds of crazy* when students repeatedly get up from whole group time to get a tissue to wiggle a loose tooth.

- Your heart goes pitter patter when hear your firsties read, smiling at the fact that you are the one responsible for that.

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