Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things NOT to do when you move

1. Through things in boxes with out labels. I have no idea where some stuff is

2. Not check the washer/dryer connections. Still can't believe I didn't look at this

3. Try to clean with a 4 year old around. Elisa has been given some very funny chores to do to keep her away from the cleaning chemicals

4. Clean out air conditioner filters in the bathtube. I ended up clogging the tube at the new place when I washed off all the AC filters

5. Tryto move in one weekend. This is oursecond move where we have had almost a month to move and clean and it makes things soooo nice.

6. Try to reschedule any transfering of services. I scheduled the phone and dsl to switch on the 2 but tried to move it up when we were able to move most stuff earlier. We ended up with no phone part of a day and no dsl for 3 days

7. Believe the property manager. We are in a duplex that resently had the PGE meter split. We were told that PGE would be putting in the meter any day and that the water meter was split. Turns out the work on the PGE split has not been finished and the water has never been separate. We have water and electricity but have to split the water cost with the back unit and wait at least a month more before we will have a meter for PGE.

8. Try to move even the smallest thing while pregnant, especially with twins. I have gotten yelled at by everyone for lifting even the tiniest things. It's good to be loved :)

9. Believe the Direct TV sales person. Of course I had to jump through a bunch of hoops to get our Direct TV service setup and charging right. The sales person even forgot to put in the $18 a month discount she had promised.

10. Hook up the tv before you are finished moving. It makes it way to easy to just "take a little break" and waste half a day.

11. Start moving stuff into the new place before you clean. We did a pretty good job of cleaning first thanks to having my cusin coming to help us. Now if everything would have stayed clean :)

12. Move more furnature then you need to. We have a lot move furnature then I thought and now that we have good sized closets,way too many dressers. Wish I could have craig listed them instead of moving them

13. Forget your camera. I took a lot of photos of our old and new place so that I could scrapbook the move and so I could plan where furnature would go.

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