Help Raise Funds for Autism

Ali Edwards just posted this and while I know I have very few, if any, people that read this blog I want to help if I can. Ali's badge is posted in the side bar. Here is her post from her blog:
Many of you have sent me emails and left comments wondering how you can help in getting the word out about autism and fundraising. This morning I received an email from Stephaine (thank you) who let me know about a new social network set up by Kevin Bacon (yep, the Kevin Bacon) called in partnership with Network for Good.
Here's the basics: is social networking with a social conscience. Through this web site, you can learn about and support the charities of celebrities and your friends, as well as fundraise for the causes close to your heart.
By creating a Six Degrees Charity Badge you have an opportunity to raise even more money for your favorite cause! Your charity(ies) could receive a matching grant of up to $10,000. The six badges that have the most number of donations between January 18th and March 31st at 11:59pm ET will get a matching grant from Kevin Bacon. Multiple donations from a single individual to the same Six Degrees Charity Badge will only be counted once.
The process is easy; all you have to do is created a Six Degrees Charity Badge and you will automatically be eligible to receive the matching grant. Once you have created your badge, post it online or send a link to it (sample) via email to your family and friends so that they can help to support your effort.
Over on the right side of my blog you will see my badge to raise money for Autism Speaks. I really think that we could get enough donations to receive a matching grant. Here is your chance to make a difference.
And, thank you.


wes said...

Oh, you'd be surprised how many people read your blog Melissa!

Good call for a topic. I'm with you guys. My nephew / Godson has severe autism and it's very challenging for his mom. He's gradeschool age, growing larger every day and still unable to speak. Definately in his own world where he can be attentive for moments when he wants to and you know he's recieving everything you're saying but can't let you into his mind.

What's so amazing is how previlant autism is now and how little is being accomplished for a cure.

Thanks for sharing your life through your posts. People do read your blog. :0)