Post themes start with What's Your Happiness Wednesdays

So today I will start posting based on some monthly, weekly and day's of the week themes. Hopefully starting mid week, before the start of the month will help get me going : )

First up: Wednesdays are What's Your Happiness Day

Often by the middle of the week I, like a lot of people, am dreaming of the weekend and not the most pleasant person. Ali Edwards use to have a section of her blog just for posting daily happiness' so I thought that would be a great focus for this hard day of the week. Each Wednesday I will share my happiness', things that have made me happy, that day or week. Why not join me?

March 28th Happiness'

  • Elisa's giggle- we had the best tickle fight yesterday and laughed for almost an hour
  • Chi tea- Hubby bought me some chi tea at Starbucks last month (see my RoundUp) and found some tea bags at Costco. Yummy flavor to drink as we cuddle after work
  • Sunshine- Though windy we have had some beautiful sunny days this week
  • Sand- Elisa is having a blast now that it is getting warm enough to play in her sand box
  • New Kingdom Hall- the Pittsburg Kingdom Hall was dedicated on Saturday with a wonderful talk by a Bethal brother. Here is an outside photo

  • The Moon- Another happiness from Elisa. If we are out at night she has started saying, "Here Moony, Moony, Moony! Where are you?" until she finds the moon and says hello
  • New laptop and external hard drive - Got a new laptop for work and hubby bought me an external hard drive with his Staple's Cash. I love that I can organize and back up all my photos and digi kits now.
  • Many more but those are the highlights. I feel happier already : )