Your Best Networking Tip

Two Moms In A Blog is having a Moms in Business Blog Carnival on September 7th to share networking tips. What an great way to network and improve your business! To join the carnival you need to post a networking tip so here are my top 3. I hope you all find them useful : )
  • Join Ilene Meckley's newsletter and try to get some of her cds, books or attend an event. Ilene is awesome at showing you how to share your business in a caring and effective way.

  • Take advantage of the free offers from Vista Print. It is the cheapest way to get good quality marketing materials. I have been making business cards and postcards in LifeTimez and loading those images to Vista Print for printing. I will say that the free magnet business cards are not very good though.

  • If you have a scrapbooking or craft type business create free slide shows for emailing and posting online at It is free and super easy for the computer newbie


Melanie said...

Melissa - I am a huge fan of Ilene Meckley, to. She has a gift for showing people how to share their business without being pushy and yes in her caring and sharing way.

You have such a beautiful blog!!

Thanks for the tips!

Amber said...

I agree with the marketing materials - they're so important! Believe it or not, not everyone has internet or shops online, so having biz cards, pamphlets and catalogs is essential!


Vicki Arnold said...

I am a huge fan of Vistaprint. A little tip, if you are stocking your cart with all the great free things they offer, be sure to add one of the cheap items. This cuts your shipping cost down tremendously. My last order, it dropped it from $23 to $12. Not bad since my total ended up being just $15, $8 less and I got one more product.

Vicki Arnold

Crystal said...

Awesome tips - thanks for participating:)