DSLR for Newbies Challenge 2

Challenge 2 is up and there is also great news in case you get behind or just found out about these challenges:

It's not too late to join in!

There will be a new challenge posted each Thursday, but it's not necessary to complete it within that particular week. So, if you're starting late, or get behind, that's fine!

The only thing required to become a 'DSLR Graduate' is to complete all the challenges by the time it's over. In this case, all 7 challenges must be posted by midnight on Thursday, November 29th. Normally, it would end on the previous Thursday, but since that's Thanksgiving in the USA, I'll give everyone an extra week!

So come on let's learn to really use our cameras : )


Jan said...

Sounds fun!! Good luck with the challenges!

wes said...

Scrapbooking can certainly be challenging! There's never an excuse to not scrap. :0)

Hey Meliisa, I tagged you but since you've done these a million times I'll just reference one of your other posts and keep you up as a link from my site...

Scrap on sister.