Quick Update

So thought I better post a quick update and will post more soon.

Good Stuff:
1. Babies are growing and doing well. I go for my second in depth ultrasound tomorrow and will try to post pics

2. At this time I have a job next year but not the same one. Some news should come in May from the state that hopefully will mean my job will not be cut. Have to wait and see.

3. Mom was able to finally have her total knee replacement a few weeks ago and is doing pretty good. The knee was even worst then the dr thought so recovery is slow. Now she just has to recover so they can do the other knee :)

4. We have moved!!! That is one reason I have not been around online, took AT&T a few more days to switch our DSL. I will get some pics posted soon but am liking it so far.

5. My cousin Sandra was able to come over for 2 weeks and help my mom was she got home from the hospital and help us move since I can't lift anything. She was a HUGE help and it was fun having her around.

Bad Stuff:

1. Can not seem to kick this cold that I have had going on 3 weeks. It is better though and the babies are good.

2. Didn't look closely at the washer and dryer hook ups at the new place and have to either get a gas dryer or wait for our friend to put in 220 for our dryer.

3. Efrain smashed his foot really bad yesterday playing basketball. He says he will be ok but it looks really yucky.

OK so that wasn't really that quick but now you can see why I have been too busy to post. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying spring. TTFN


Lea Sanders said...

Glad to know the babies are doing well despite you not feeling well. Please let me know if you need help with the Yahoo Group or anything else!