I Won!

The amazing ettes were giving away a few copies of My Memories Suite and I won one! I just got it downloaded and am soooo excited to play with it. It is by the same software company that licenced to TLC for LifeTimez and Lasting Impressions for Memory Mixer. Polaroid has the licensing for MMS and the Ettes are designing for them. There are many new features that Memory Mixer 2 does not have but it is missing a few things that are suppose to me a part of Memory Mixer 3 coming out this month on QVC. Hopefully there will be an update to MMS soon. For now I'm moving my files to MMS and using it with my new Ette kits and might even become an affiliate :) That would mean I could sell the software at a discount to readers of this blog and get discounts myself! Super cool.

Check out the MMS demo here