My Memories Suite Monday

Here is Part 1 of our first video for My Memories Suite. This video goes over my favorite features of My Memories Suite in the opening screen and most of the control panel. Enjoy :)

MMS Infomercial

I found this infomercial for My Memories Suite that explains the features. Though the style and price make me laugh I thought this was a good start until I can make some videos of my own :)

New Tips from 5 minutes for Mom

One of my favorite sites now helps you take better photos! 5 minutes for mom has a new feature,
I hope that it becomes a regular feature because I love ideas on how to take better photos.

Scrapbooking Made Easy

I'm now an affiliate for My Memories Suite! Check out this great program that features designs from the amazing Ettes. I hope to get some tutorials finished in the next few weeks but this program really is soooo easy to use you can complete albums in minutes. Here is the video demo and here are the designs from Ettes and Company

Buy Now at 25% Off!

Wordless Wednesday

A rainy day at school

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

So today I am back at work after a 4 day weekend and I got a lot done, especially since I am sick :)


I have had an entertainment center from Freecycle in the truck for a few weeks. I finally got Elisa's room rearranged enough to put it in there. It will hold her tape player, tv, puppets (the bottom works great as a puppet theater) and movies.

This week I want to finish organizing her room and tackle the storage unit since some of her old stuff will be going in there.


Started LOM 2009 and found an AWESOME program, ACDSee. More posts about what I've done with that to come.

The next few months will be filled with tackles based on LOM. This week I need to continue my Lesson 1 assignments, mainly sorting photos by year and backing up digital photos.


Have been grading Reading Lions' test and have to get those inputted.

This week I have to get some emergency sub plans ready

Found great templates but a virus too

So I was playing online last night and found these 2 great sites for Project365 templates and

Both have AWESOME templates not only for Project365 but for multi photo layouts.

One problem, I ended up with the malwear XP Police Antivirus on my computer! The site used to transfer the files seems to be the issue. My hubby was able to find the fix last night here and installed Norton on my laptop since my McAfee didn't stop the program.

So all in all I am excited for the templated but reminded of the importance of up to date antivirus software and backing up your computer :)

Way cool scrapping freebies

I wanted to share some great sites that have some awesome freebie.

1. There are freebies again from the Ettes, grab them quick!

2. Found this great site on The Daily Digi and LOVE all the doodles

3. The Daily Digi and Homegrown Hospitality made this AWESOME free kit with brushes, stickers, art and templates for 14 page mini book!

Off to create with some of my goodies :) night

They were early but I'm late

Better late then never I guess. Here is the announement I made this weekend for the boys in MMS
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LOM 2009

YEA it's LOM time again!

LOM, or Library Of Memories, is the class taught by Stacy Julian. It is by far the best value in scrapbooking because I have gotten to take it not once, not twice but 3 times for one fee. I hope to get my LOM fine tuned this session and get pages completed. Want to join me in the LOM journey? Grab a copy of Stacy's latest book, Photo Freedom here and jump in :)

I Won!

The amazing ettes were giving away a few copies of My Memories Suite and I won one! I just got it downloaded and am soooo excited to play with it. It is by the same software company that licenced to TLC for LifeTimez and Lasting Impressions for Memory Mixer. Polaroid has the licensing for MMS and the Ettes are designing for them. There are many new features that Memory Mixer 2 does not have but it is missing a few things that are suppose to me a part of Memory Mixer 3 coming out this month on QVC. Hopefully there will be an update to MMS soon. For now I'm moving my files to MMS and using it with my new Ette kits and might even become an affiliate :) That would mean I could sell the software at a discount to readers of this blog and get discounts myself! Super cool.

Check out the MMS demo here