Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Links and Items I Have Found for the Twins

1. Fly Lady - great site to help make cleaning and cluttering easier
2. Zwaggle - like free ebay this site lets you sell you stuff for points and then buy other stuff with those points
3. Babies at Sutter Health- site fo the hospital the twins will be born at
4. Talk About Twins - online magazine about twins
5. CCPOM - local twin group
6. Baby Zone's twin section - info on fetal development and growth of twins
7. Car seat measurements - this site have the measuements for most car seats and a good forum with help on which cars will fit 3 car seats
8. - so I use this all the time already but I'm finding a ton of baby stuff listed
9. Target baby registry - started my registry so I can remember what I am looking for second hand and so Mom can help look too :)
10. Babies R Us registry- started this one so I know when the baby fairs are. Got a ton of goodies at the one last weekend :)
11. Baby Trend Snap N Go double stroller - even though this one only fits the babies until they are 20 pounds it means I don't have to take them out of their infant seats and I only have a light frame to fold and fit into the trunk.

12. Baby Trend infant seats - they fit the best into the Snap N Go and are an inch thinner at the base so they will fit better into our car.

13. Graco Turbo booster - the best ranked booster seat that also is thin enough to fit in the middle seat between the twins. Elisa likes this one:

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