Friday Feast 5/25

Appetizer: Name a sound you like to hear.
Elisa laughing

Soup: What is your favorite kind of cheese?
Tie between Pepperjack and Provolone

Salad: Do you sleep late on Saturday mornings? Why or why not?
I try to sleep in when I can because my family and I are all night owls. We stay up too late and are not morning people

Main Course: When was the last time you forgot something? What was it, and how long did it take to remember it?
Forgot my cell phone this morning and remembered when I got to work. I had my hubby drop it by.

Dessert: Fill in the blank: I notice ____________ when _____________.

I notice I have too much stuff when we started moving 2 weeks ago. I say started moving because we are still packing stuff up.


Frances said...

I would be so freaked out if I forgot my cell phone! I wouldn't be able to wait till someone brought it to me LOL
Happy Friday,

Juzahlyn said...

what a great feast...we're night owls too hehe