Thursday Thirteen-13 LifeTimez Hints and Tips

Thirteen Hint and Tips for LifeTimez or Memory Mixer

LifeTimez is the culmination of several years of software development, married with TLC's exclusive digital content -- combining the best in digital technology with the best papercraft designs! LifeTimez allows you to easily create stunning layouts on your computer using digital photos, document scans, music, video and much more. You can then output your creations in several ways: Make individual prints of each page, order a LifeTimez Photobook, or burn an interactive CD. LifeTimez and Memory Mixer are the same awesome digital memory software with different content.

  1. Before installing look at how much hard drive space you have. If you do not have a lot of space then only install the first cd which has the program and then browse the other 2 cds to see which themes you will use a lot and want to keep on your hard drive.

  2. Have cd's or an external hard drive to create backups of photos and LifeTimez themes

  3. Print out the User Guide and put it in a binder for reference

  4. Max out the memory on your computer to help with speed

  5. Register your software at Be sure you know your consultant's ID number, mine is 416447 : )

  6. Download the latest update so you can create Portrait pages. There are also lots of goodies : )

  7. Watch the tutorial videos at under Help

  8. Download Pisasa at to help organize your photos and so you can email, blog and backup your layouts. Your albums are kept in your My Documents and your layouts are in the objects folder in each album folder. These will be medium resolution images perfect for email. The layouts names end in the letter b.

  9. When picking colors for text or mats click on More Colors and then Picker. This will show the layout you are working on so you can match the text or mat.
  10. When printing from LifeTimez you can only print on page per sheet of paper. You need to change your printer margins. Here is a cheat sheet I made to help get the correct margins Printing in LifeTimez
  11. LifeTimez is so easy to use I put all of my digital kits in it. You can use the Add Image function like you do with a photo or you can place the digi items in the background and elements folders within LifeTimez. Here are the handouts for each that other consultants made: Add Image File Plus folder organizing Adding the content to the Components folders
  12. Check each Wednesday for new digital downloads at

  13. If you do not already have MemoryMixer or LifeTimez or want to get it for a gift then sign up for the TLC Hybrid Kit to save 75% off on the best digi/paper kit in scrapbooking

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