Saturday Special 5/25

~Your Brand is Showing! (suggested by Marge)~
1. Food: Do you buy brand names or go for the cheaper store name brand?:
Cheaper store brand on most things

2. Clothes: Wear designer jeans/slacks with a brand name or regular department store jeans/slacks?: Only designer jeans I have are a pair of Sean Johns, everything else is from Good Will or Fashion Bug

3. Handbags: Buy a designer bag or look for a less expensive copy?:
Don't like handbags, use a $12 walet purse from Target

4. Shoes: You got the drift, designer or a cheaper copy?:
Cheap and comfy. Do like Nikes though


Toni said...

Hi Melissa,

Enjoyed reading your Saturday Special. Thanks for playing.

Toni said...

Wow! We have some stuff in common! Mine is up!