What's Your Happiness Wednesday

This week is an F week in a good way. I am so thankful for faith, family, friends, food and free this week.
  • I have felt the power of mustard grain faith this week

Matthew 17:20 NWT
He said to them: "Because of YOUR little faith. For truly I say to YOU, If YOU have faith the size of a mustard grain, YOU will say to this mountain, ‘Transfer from here to there,’ and it will transfer, and nothing will be impossible for YOU."

  • Had an awesome anniversary dinner with hubby and DD is being a cutie this week. Love my family.
  • Got to chat online and on the phone with my long time friend Carol who I was sooooo missing
  • I have food, maybe not 5 star food but more than enough and truely yummy when it is my hubby's cooking : )
  • Found the coolest PhotoShop freebies this week : http://www.optikvervelabs.com/


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