What's Your Happiness Wedsday #8

OK I have had a lot of happiness' since my last What's your Happiness but if you read the roundup for last month you will see my excuse for being a bad blogger : )

In an effort to get make on track here are my Wednesday happiness':

  • Tickling fest with Elisa. I just love to hear her laugh
  • Scrapbooking, actually spent some time working on some pages just for me and Elisa helped : )
  • Clean sink: we don't have a dishwasher at our new place and I actually caught up on the dishes today. Of course this was after the faucet broke and the landlord ended up replacing half the piping under the sink at the beginning of the week
  • Beautiful weather. We also don't have AC in our new place so Jehovah has blessed us with His AC and sunny skies
  • Found out we have the prettiest pink flowers growing in the backyard
  • Sleep. only one more week of sleeping in before school starts