Wordless Wednesday

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Michelle said...

My good friend had a precious moments statue for a cake topper too . . .I really like the idea . .
And congrats to whomever . . .who's getting (got) married?
Have a happy WW!

Melissa O. said...

I almost put that this is from my wedding almost 5 years ago but was trying to keep to the "wordless" part : )
The Precious Moments cake topper was one of my favorite things that I still have on display. I colored the girl's hair and the boy's skin and hair to match my hummy and I : )

Atasha said...

These are beautiful especially the 2nd one. Precious moments.

Happy WW

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

what beautiful photos. I love the glint on your hubby's ring, too :)

Thanks for sharing & Happy WW! I hope you'll come visit mine at Coming to a Nursery Near You :)

Shana said...

Oh I love your Precious Moments cake. Happy WW!!!

casual friday everyday said...

It's such a wonderful thing to look back on wedding photo's and relive that day!


Mine is a video!

tegdirb92 said...

beautiful photos!! Love the 2nd one.

Crystal said...

I had a PM cake topper to:) I love the cake, it's beautiful!!!