Friday Feast

Another fun post theme from Katie the Scrapbook Lady, Friday Feast

Appetizer: When you travel, which mode of transportation do you prefer?
I enjoy flying but would love the BART to be more like the METRO system for local trips

Soup: Have you ever met a blogging friend in person?
Yes if you count TLC people and friends that I know keep in touch with online

Salad: When was the last time you were really, really tired?
A few weeks ago. Elisa's sleep schedule was really messed up with the daylight savings time

Main Course: If you could have dinner with any one fictional character from a book or movie, who would it be?
The main character in Reta May Brown's Mrs. Murphy books, Harry
From a movie I would say Picard from Star Trek Next Generation

Dessert: Fill in the blank: One day, I hope to see _______________.
this world as it was planned, a paradise.