Thursday Thirteen Issue #3

Thirteen Places I Have Lived
  1. Sacramento, California : Birth to kindergarten
  2. Woodland, California : 1st through 3rd grade
  3. Rio Vista, California : 6 months
  4. Woodbridge, California: until I finished high school
  5. Studio apartment in Logan, Utah: 1st year of college
  6. 3 bedroom apartment in Logan, Utah: 1st year of college
  7. Dorm at Fresno State in Fresno, CA: 2nd year of college
  8. Rented a room in Clovis, CA: 1st half of 3rd year
  9. 3 bedroom apartment in Fresno: 2nd half of 3rd year
  10. 2 bedroom apartment in Fresno: credential year
  11. Rio Vista, CA : another 6 months
  12. 1 bedroom and then 2 bedroom in Pittsburg, CA: 1st 2 years in teaching
  13. Current house in Pittsburg, CA: over 3 years

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