Thursday Thirteen Issue #2

Thirteen Favorite Tech Toys
  1. Light laptops, remember when they were other 10 lbs?
  2. Treo phone. I have everything on it, even the Bible, music and photos
  3. Wireless Internet. Can't beat email in bed : )
  4. External hard drives. These are getting so small and hold so much. Just remember to back them up too : )
  5. Digital SLR Camera. I haven't been able to buy many lenses but love that I can put lenses on my HP digital camera. Also love the digital flash, so cool
  6. Craft Robo. Man I love this thing! Get more info here
  7. HP printers. Love my all in one photo printer and hope to get a large format one day
  8. DVD/CD burners and players. Music and movies burned and played at home, love this.
  9. TiVo. Watch too much TV now but man I love pausing and being able to fast forward commercials
  10. Color TV. I don't need a big, HD or flat screen, just a normal size color TV
  11. Microwave. Technology at it's best, popcorn in 2 minutes : )
  12. Washer and Dryer. Stories of my grandma scrubbing clothes on a washboard make me love my washer and dryer every load : )
  13. Refrigerator. We forget about this wonder of technology but it is still an amazing, maybe the best technology

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